November 16 Guild Meeting in Oakland

Join us for an exciting evening of performances and fun at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland on Saturday, November 16 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm!

Performances will include “the Velveteen Rabbit” and a reimagining of the classic Grimms Brothers tale “Rumplestiltskin,” with a Mexican Day of the Dead twist. Rumplestiltskin’s producer, Randall Metz, and set designer, Warren Moten III, will also offer insight after their show on the puppet design and construction, set design, and tips for putting together a show for holidays and libraries.


Admission is free for Guild members. If your membership needs to be renewed, or you would like to join the Guild, please do this by November 1. We must provide a current membership list to Fairyland.

Guild members may bring a friends at no charge, but they must enter the gate the same time as you. At Fairyland Admissions, let them know you’re with the Puppet Guild. You must be inside the entrance gates before 4 pm to attend this event. The gates to the park close promptly at 4:00.

Program Agenda

3:30 | Admission to Fairyland
Gates to the park close promptly at 4:00 pm.

4:00 | “The Velveteen Rabbit, or How Toys Become Real” (Storybook Puppet Theater)

4:30 | Finger Food Potluck (Backstage Storybook Puppet Theater)
Please bring finger food, snacks, or drinks to share.

5:00 | Guild Meeting (Storybook Puppet Theater)

5:30 | “Rumplestiltskin.. Or What’s In A Name?” (Emerald City Stage)
Post-Show Talk with Randal Metz on design, construction, and putting
together a show for special holidays and libraries, and Warren Moten III on set design.

6:30 | Program Ends!

Suggestion: Some attendees may want to arrange to gather for dinner at a nearby restaurant after 6:30.

Feature Programs

“The Velveteen Rabbit” – Based on Margery William’s lovely tale of “How Toys Become Real”, this is the tale of a special relationship between a young boy and his toy bunny. You’ll be charmed as the Velveteen Rabbit fearlessly stays by the young boy’s side and is rewarded for her loyalty in the end. Witness the march of the toy soldiers, the pranks of the jack-in-the-box, and learn first hand the “nursery wisdom” of the old rocking horse.

Puppets and script by Randal Metz. Scenery by Annie Wong. Puppet design by Kacey O’Hare.

“Rumplestiltskin” – The classic Brothers Grimm tale comes to life with a Mexican twist. Isabella’s father has told the king that she can spin straw into gold! And if she doesn’t, her father will suffer. Along comes a little sugar skeleton that does the job for her… if she gives him her little baby girl. But, to be fair, he gives her three days to guess his name. Will she succeed in time for the Day of the Dead celebration? Filled with colorful scenery and authentic Mexican music.

Puppets and script by Randal Metz. Set design by Warren Moten III.