Oct and Nov Workshops

We have two upcoming workshops!

Blacklight Puppetry Workshop Oct 22. Blacklight Puppetry is an exciting opportunity to experiment with unique blacklight puppets, such as Stretch-a-Bellies, Toobies and Doodle-Oos, while also learning the fundamentals of blacklight production, equipment and supplies. Q & A and many opportunities for “hands-on” play included! Gabriel Anthony has been enthusiastically involved in puppetry for over 15 years, not including his younger years when he staged puppet shows from his bunk bed.

Signup for the  The 2nd Annual Nick Barone Memorial Puppet Workshop! The Art of the Shadow Puppet With Wendy Morton, Sat., Nov 4th. This exceptional workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of the traditional style of shadow puppetry where puppets are moved against a screen. Techniques used by Richard Bradshaw, Australia’s master shadow puppeteer will be featured. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with shadow puppetry, learn about manipulation, lighting, and materials for construction. Everyone will build and take home their own shadow puppet.